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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Natural Fat-Loss Aid & Anti-Oxidant*

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you may live by the motto: A cup a day keeps the fat away. After all, coffee contains caffeine – and caffeine has a long and trusted reputation as a mild stimulant weight-loss aid.* As reported in 2010, caffeine may be a “support for fat loss” as it has the potential to increase a person's base metabolic rate (the rate at which he or she expends energy at rest) by 4% or 5%.*

However, caffeine isn’t the only ingredient that contributes to coffee’s metabolism-boosting effects.* The actual green (or raw) coffee bean is a powerful fat loss supporting agent in and of itself, containing high amounts of a key substance known as chlorogenic acid.* Sound familiar? Chlorogenic acid has recently been highlighted on the Dr. Oz show based on studies supporting its role in supporting metabolism.* In fact, several reports on both humans and animals suggest that green coffee bean extract (containing chlorogenic acid) holds great potential as a fat loss support.* Harnessing the power of this pure and natural bean, Labrada has introduced Green Coffee Bean ExtractFat-Loss Optimizer.

Another Reason to "Go Green"

Guzzling extra java is certainly a way to temporarily boost energy – but this won’t deliver the fat-loss support you could experience with Green Coffee Bean Extract.* The key is in the green. Raw coffee beans are a major source of chlorogenic acid, but as soon as you put them through the roaster for commercial coffee preparation, you lose most of the "good stuff" – including the chlorogenic acid and other beneficial polyphenolic substances (not to mention the bean’s natural green color).

Green Coffee Bean Extract from Labrada is a natural powder extracted from unroasted coffee beans to ensure maximum strength and effectiveness. Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract in supplement form is also an easy alternative for people who don’t have the desire (or spare change) to drink multiple cups of coffee per day.

Let’s Talk Fat Loss

In contrast to caffeine – which is a stimulant that increases caloric expenditure and stimulates fat burning and weight loss – Green Coffee Bean Extract promotes fat loss via non-stimulant mechanisms.* While these mechanisms are outlined in further detail in our excellent "Digging Deeper into the science section below by Monica Mollica BSc and MSc.

  1. May help slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream (especially after large meals)*
  2. Promoting the activity of your body’s fat-burning enzymes*
  3. Supporting healthy triglyceride (fat) levels, already in normal range*

In a nutshell, Green Coffee Bean Extract may help support lower fasting blood sugar levels and may even help support healthy after-meal blood sugar levels, already in normal range.* This may help guard against extra body fat storage.

In a study analyzing the human consumption of 200 mg of green coffee bean extract per day, average weight loss results were 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) in 12 weeks. Results were even more significant with higher daily doses; When up to 1,050 mg (350 mg three times daily) of the standardized green coffee bean extract were consumed, along with diet and exercise, some individuals experienced a weight loss of nearly 18 pounds (8 kg) after 22 weeks.*This higher dosage (complemented by diet and exercise), was well tolerated and did not cause any adverse side effects.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been reported to have antioxidant properties, similar to those of green tea and grape seed extract.* Antioxidants, by nature, provide support against oxidative stress by helping to reduce free radicals in the body.* In this way, Green Coffee Bean Extract is far more than a fat-loss aid – it’s a natural tool to help you feel your best and help promote overall health.*

This article has just barely scratched the surface of what Green Coffee Bean Extract is capable of doing for people of all ages and body types. To learn more about the important role Green Coffee Bean Extract plays in supporting fat loss, please read our "Digging into the Science" section below by Monica Mollica BSc , MSc.*

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