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W/ NTS-5 Natural Testosterone Supporter With Tribulus & NTS-5

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Nutrex Vitrix Product Guide



Vitrix is a popular natural testosterone booster that may help support the building of muscle.* What makes Vitrix unique is the fact that it contains one of the highest-grade forms of Tribulus Terrestris on the market today, a full 1000mg of liquid German Tribulus Terrestris per serving. This yields 80% of active saponins and 20% protodioscin, unmatched by any of our other products in terms of strength. Vitrix also contains 500mg of a one-of-a-kind testosterone stimulating and estrogen blocking phyto-nutrient blend called NTS-5.*

All of this comes in a unique liquid-capsule delivery system providing some of the fastest absorption rates possible. Furthermore, Vitrix comes in all natural vegetable capsules making it an excellent choice in testosterone support for the health conscious consumer.* If you look at these characteristics, it becomes clear that Vitrix is the most effective natural product in the Nutrex lineup!

  • Vitrix promotes a dramatic increase in your natural testosterone production.*
  • Vitrix may promote faster muscle and strength gains when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.*
  • Vitrix further blocks estrogen to support the building of high-quality muscle.*
  • Vitrix is loaded with research-supported muscle-building ingredients that are all natural and safe.*



Tribulus Terristris


 Tribulus terristris is an herb that has been suggested for its muscle-building, strength increasing  and overall well being promoting characteristics which result from its ability to encourage natural  testosterone production.*

Vitex Agnus Castus 


 Vitex Agnus Castus is thought to work through its inhibition of prolactin release.*

Avena Sativa


 Avena Sativa, also known as 'Wild Oats', may support testosterone levels for optimal anabolic  effects.*



 Epimedium, commonly referred to as Horny Goat Weed. Epimedium contains special  components with anti-estrogenic activity, ideal for overall maintenance of muscle mass.*

  What makes Vitrix such an effective natural testosterone?

  Vitrix offers an extremely powerful form of Tribulus Terrestris, a whopping 1000 mg of liquid        German Tribulus Terrestris! This yields 80% of active saponins and 20% protodioscin. Now you    add 500 mg of a totally natural, one-of-a-kind testosterone stimulating and estrogen blocking  phyto-nutrient blend called NTS-5.* All of this comes in a unique liquid-capsule delivery system  providing some of the highest and fastest absorption rates possible.

Is Vitrix safe or does it have any negative side effects?


 Vitrix is a very safe and effective product. Vitrix exclusively consists of natural ingredients, which  are not known to cause any toxic or harmful side effects when taken in the recommended dosage  as depicted on the label. Rarely has there been an all-natural formula that offers so many benefits  with the absence of side effects as is the case with Vitrix. The only group of people who should  not take Vitrix are women who are on contraceptives. Since Vitrix contains a significant amount  of the herb, Vitex agnus castus, it can potentially interfere with contraceptives.

How do I take Vitrix to see optimum results? 


 Since Vitrix is so effective and thanks to its powerful liquid delivery system, this unique formula  only needs to be taken once a day. On training days we recommend to take 6 Liqui-caps one  hour before working out. On non-training days all 6 Liqui-caps can be consumed at one time with  a meal or in between meals at anytime during the day. It's that simple. However, if you prefer to  split up your dosage, you should take 3 Liqui-caps in the morning and 3 Liqui-caps in the  afternoon

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