MuscleTech Micellar Whey

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MuscleTech Micellar Whey

Micellar Whey Protein Powder to Support Muscle Growth
The World's First Sustained-Release 100% Whey Protein
Supported Goal: Build Muscle

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    The next Evolution in Weight Loss.
    • The Power of Whey at a Sustained Release
    • 35% Better Biological Value than Casein
    • Superior Leucine & BCAA Content than Casein
    • Key Ingredient Exclusive to MuscleTech®

    MICELLAR WHEY is a new, exclusive protein designed for athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance. This one-of-a-kind protein combines the ultra-anabolic benefits of whey protein with the sustained-released benefits of casein, creating the perfect anabolic environment for musclebuilding.

    The New King of Slow-Release Proteins

    Casein used to wear the crown as the king of slow-releasing proteins. We loved casein because of its unique ability to gel in the stomach and release its amino acids over a long period of time. This made it the perfect choice for athletes looking for a simple way to combat muscle catabolism – particularly overnight.

    Casein, for all of its incredible ability to trickle feed aminos to your muscles, has its shortcomings. Its slow release of aminos reduces the peak anabolic response (protein synthesis). Casein also contains less leucine than whey. Leucine of course, is the primary amino acid that triggers protein synthesis. The overall result of casein having less leucine is that there's less of the primary amino anabolic activator. This anabolic power is why many bodybuilders stick to whey protein. But what if there was an efficient way to slow the absorption of whey just enough so that you can still reap its anabolic benefits, while enjoying the trickle-feed effect of casein?


    That's what researchers set out to create and the result knocks casein off its perch as the king of the slow-release proteins. Introducing MICELLAR WHEY – a protein that will change the way you think about the ability of slow-release proteins forever!

    20% More wheytine Concentration.
    Superior Leucine & BCAA Content Than Casein

    Since MICELLAR WHEY is made from some of the highest-quality whey protein, it features a superior leucine and BCAA concentration on a gram-per-gram basis than casein. In fact, every scoop MICELLAR WHEY delivers 2.7g of leucine and 5.8g of BCAAs – that's more than the leading casein protein. The higher leucine content when compared to casein proteins means that you can stimulate higher protein synthesis and provide overall higher anabolic potential for a longer period of time!

    Higher Biological Value Than Casein

    MICELLAR WHEY® starts with an incredibly pure source of whey protein. Typically, whey protein features a bioavailability of 104 while Casein has a bioavailability around 77. Biological value is a measure of protein absorption and utilization. The whey protein concentrate used to make MICELLAR WHEY is put through a specialized filtration process. Then it goes through advanced and top secret protein polymerization technology. The end result is whey protein particles that are double the molecular weight of regular whey protein particles. The larger protein molecules take longer to digest, thus allowing the amino acids to release more slowly into your bloodstream for long-term anti-catabolic support.

    Pre-Clinical Research Shows Micellar Whey Digests at the Speed of Micellar Casein!
    More Active Ingredients

    In pre-clinical, in-vitro testing, researchers found that micellar whey showed near identical protease digestion when it was compared to micellar casein over 6 hours.

    Pre-clinical in-vitro research was conducted to determine how rapidly this new protein was digested. The research team took various proteins (WPC, Micellar Casein and Micellar Whey) and incubated them while they were digesting via protease activity at a pH of 2 (which matches the pH of the human stomach). The team measured samples of the proteins every hour for analysis. Each sample was analyzed for the degree of proteolytic hydrolysis of each protein. What they found confirmed that their research and the development of Micellar Whey was a success: they found that Micellar Whey showed similar protease digestion when it was compared to Micellar Casein over 6 hours.

    What Does This Mean?

    This means that these larger whey protein molecules take as long as Micellar Casein to digest, thus allowing the amino acids to release more slowly into your bloodstream. Meanwhile, the higher leucine content of micellar whey when compared to casein proteins means that you can stimulate higher protein synthesis and provide overall higher anabolic potential for a longer length of time!

    25g -PROTEIN
    104 -Biological Value
    6 HR -Amino Delivery
    ZERO -Casein
    5.8g -BCAAs
    4.6g -Glutamine & Precursor
    By Jignesh S. on 07/09/2016
    Title: Quality Micellar whey
    Text: This the far way best protien ever..its so easy on my stomach , amazing taste
    By Prem Kumar P. on 06/05/2016
    Title: slow protien
    Text: Good Supplement for build muscle
    By robin S. on 05/03/2016
    Title: micellar whey
    Text: hybrid of whey and casein...tastes good...overall great product
    By Satish D. on 10/11/2015
    Title: Micellar Whey
    Text: The Power of Whey at a Sustained Release..!!!
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